Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics

View abstract topics below and start preparing your abstract. Grap the opportunity to present at this fantastic international platform!

  1. Clinical Trial Results – Acute Management – Neither Thrombolysis Nor Thrombectomy
  2. Clinical Trial Results – Acute Management – Thrombolysis Or Thrombectomy
  3. Clinical Trial Results – Prevention
  4. Clinical Trial Results – Rehabilitation & Recovery
  5. Thrombolysis – Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  6. Hyperacute Management – Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  7. Acute Neurointervention– Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  8. Rehabilitation – Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  9. Primary Prevention- Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  10. Secondary Prevention- Excluding Clinical Trial Results
  11. Imaging – Hyperacute
  12. Imaging – Non-Acute Including Neurosonology
  13. Service Organisation / Quality Improvement
  14. Allied Health Professions
  15. Nursing
  16. Diagnosis/Investigation of Stroke Etiology
  17. Epidemiology of Stroke
  18. Prognosis and Outcome After Stroke
  19. Stroke Complications
  20. Pathophysiology of Stroke
  21. Heart-Brain Interactions
  22. Carotid Stenosis/Large Artery Atherosclerosis
  23. Risk Factors for Stroke
  24. Rare Causes, Stroke in The Young, Venous Stroke
  25. Intracerebral Haemorrhage
  26. Atrial Fibrillation
  27. Cognition and Vascular Cognitive Impairment
  28. Small Vessel Disease
  29. SAH, Aneurysms and Vascular Malformations
  30. TIA
  31. Young Stroke Physicians and Researchers: Research Design Workshop For Studies In Development **
  32. Experimental/Translational Medicine
  33. Genetics, ‘Omics and Biomarkers
  34. Systematic Review
  35. Meta-Analysis
  36. Case Reports (Posters Only)*
  37. Patient’s and Caregivers Perspective And Support Organizations
  38. Technology Innovations in Stroke
  39. Stroke in Developing Economies
  40. Effects of Sex And Gender On Stroke Prevention, Treatment And Recovery

*Case Reports will routinely only be accepted as posters, although exceptional, practice-changing case reports of international significance can be submitted to the relevant topic for consideration for oral presentation

**Young investigators (<35 years) are invited to submit an abstract for a Young Stroke Physicians and Researchers workshop describing a planned research study, an ongoing project still under development or interim results from an ongoing project, as well as for the WSO-ESO-GAINS Early Career Investigators workshop which will take place in the pre-conference day. This will be a full training day for emerging investigators. Part of this workshop will be also dedicated to the discussion of research projects in development.

The successful applicants will give an oral presentation, followed by constructive assessment of the study’s design and advice on its future development by a senior, internationally-renowned investigator. In addition to providing expert guidance to develop your study, the workshops will also provide the opportunity to establish collaborations and promote your work to the wider community.
The presenter of the top scoring abstract will receive a place at the ESO Summer School 2020. All presenters will be interviewed by other Young Stroke Physicians and Researchers and the interviews will be featured on the ESO blog (https://eso-stroke.org/news/).


Abstracts for ONGOING TRIALS topic should be submitted separately from the regular abstract topics above. Detailed instructions can be found on the abstract submission page.