Instructions for Presenters

Instructions for Presenters

Presenting at ESO-WSO 2020? Find the instructions for oral presentations and E-Posters below.

Please find below some important and useful information for your oral presentation.

Conflict(s) of Interest Disclosure

In compliance with EACCME requirements, all speakers have been requested to fill in the Conflict of Interest Form. The information provided will be summarized in a disclosure slide which will appear as the first slide of your presentation. Please disclose verbally (including if nothing to disclose) at the beginning of your presentation. To access the slide, please click here.

Branded PowerPoint Template

If you would like to use branded slides, please click here to download a template.

Pre-recorded Presentation

In order to RECORD  your  presentation,  please read the step-by-step instructions below on preparing the recording.  

1. Read the Technical Guidelines - We kindly suggest you take a few minutes to read through the whole document before booking your recording session.
2. Book Your Recording Session - you should have received by now an email with a link to book your presentation recording.
You are requested to book a recording slot for each presentation that you give.
3. Add Recording Session to Your Calendar - You will receive a confirmation email from the system about your booking and  a link to log in to the recording session.
4. Finalize Your Presentation - please have your PPT ready and final for the recording session. Please be advised your presentation must be in 16:9 format. 

The deadline for completing your pre-recording is extended to 27 October 2020.

Joining the Live Q&A Panel   

Please find the sessions selected for Live Q&A here.

Further guidelines on how to join the live Q&A for the panel section will follow soon. You will also be required to join a short live session rehearsal before it. The link to book a rehearsal will be sent to you by the Conference Secretariat.

Ahead of the rehearsal/session please arrange to have:   

  • An external, microphone connected to your computer. Alternatively, you can use the internal microphone of your laptop/computer. 
  • Please use a computer with a functional webcam (the laptop internal webcam is fine).  
  • Please select a quiet and uniform background. Avoid using artificial background features.  
  • Stable internet connection. We recommend using a wired LAN internet connection if possible. 4G should not be used.   

If you have any questions, please contact us via the Ask us anything page.

The ESO-WSO Virtual Conference platform is designed to allow you and stroke physicians from all around the globe to easily navigate hundreds of sessions and thousands of E-Posters AND find your research amongst them. You will be able to share your research and interact with your fellow delegates via the chat boxes. Your E-Poster will be available for registered participants to access on demand for 3 months after the Conference dates.

E-Poster Presentations Sessions

Certain E-Posters will be scheduled in dedicated E-Poster Presentations sessions. The presenters in these sessions will upload a 1 page E-Poster file to the general poster gallery and also prepare an MP3 audio file (see instructions below). Each presenter will have 5 minutes for the audio presentation.

E-Poster Viewing

The research works selected for E-Poster viewing will not have a dedicated session time and will be available for viewing through the poster gallery.
Each E-Poster will consist of a 1-page file. The participants will be able to chat with the poster presenter through the virtual platform.

Please note that the upload service will be available only during the periods below:

E-Poster Presentations: 1 September – 22 September 2020

E-Poster Viewing:  The deadline is extended until 21 October 2020

*Only for E-Poster Viewing – Instructions and a link to the upload system will be sent via email to all registered E-Poster presenters on 23 September.
**Due to the time constraints, there will not be any extension of the above deadlines.

Technical specifications for E-Poster preparation:

Please save your final E-Poster as a PPTx before uploading.
Please submit your E-Poster as a 1-page PPTx-file in portrait orientation. You may use a template that can be downloaded here.

Please note the following technical requirements:

  • Language: All E-Posters should be prepared in English.
  • File format: PPTx only
  • Filename: Symbols or special characters (ie. +/-@) cannot be included.
  • Layout: Portrait.
  • Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the E-Poster.
  • Poster size in pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height – portrait orientation
  • Poster size in cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height – portrait orientation
  • Font size: ≥16

The presenters in the E-Poster Presentations Sessions should follow the requirements below for the audio file(s):
• File format: .pptx only
• Audio file format: .mp3
• Max. file size: 50 MB
• Sound: not supported

Please find a detailed guideline here on how to record an audio file.

What will my E-Poster look like?

You should create your poster in a .pptx file.
What will it look like on the platform? Your poster will be shown as a .pdf file. (The platform will automatically convert your .pptx poster into a .pdf file once uploaded).
A chat window will be permanently open for every E-Poster.

Registered participants will be able to view the E-Poster Presentations and E-Poster Viewings in the Poster Gallery once the conference begins.

How will networking be organised for my E-Poster?

Authors are welcomed to include an URL, linking to their own personal or institutional e-meeting rooms, where they can then meet other delegates face to face during their poster presentation. Zoom and other e-meeting services offer that owners may schedule “recurring meetings” with one fixed URL.

How can I secure my E-Poster and presentation when it is online?:

ESO-WSO 2020 Conference enforces a strict non-tolerance for illegal copying of content that is presented via the virtual conference (see Code of Conduct at ESO-WSO Virtual Conference). Presenters are encouraged to clearly indicate in their presentations that the content presented shall not be shared or copied.

Presenters are strongly encouraged to clearly indicate whether or not photography/recording of the poster and sharing/remixing of the material is permitted. To aid in this process, ESO-WSO will provide presenters with a digital graphic Image to incorporate into their slides/poster or to print and display. The images are available here.

In case you encounter any difficulties with the format, please contact