Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Submit your abstract and get the chance to present at the top platform for stroke professionals. View tips below and submit your abstract today!

ESO-WSO 2020 is the Conference where the latest research on stroke is presented.

This is your opportunity to present at ESO-WSO 2020, a unique global conference. Whether you will give an oral or poster presentation, your work will get the attention it needs from stroke professionals, from all over the world.

Martin Dichgans

ESO President Elect

“My recommendation is first ask yourself; Do I have to say something? If you have to say something, you have to say it. Be specific about what you have to say…”

Julie Bernhardt

ESOWSO 2020 Programme Committee

“My two top tips would be; have a good title because we actually look at that. And my second tip is, make sure that you focus on the results of your study…”

Charlotte Cordonnier

ESO Vice President

“…the very important thing is to have your question very focused and very well described…”

Jesse Dawson

ESOWSO 2020 Conference Co-Chair

“You need to sell the concept, what’s the clinical question, what’s the clinical uncertainty that I’m trying to address..”

Michael Brainin

ESOWSO 2020 Conference Co-Chair

“You should believe in your data, you should believe in your work and the results and show it to the world…”

Marc Fisher

ESOWSO 2020 Programme Committee

“What I would recommend that you do, is carefully read the instructions so that your abstract conforms to how it needs to be presented in the submission…”